The Living Internet

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“An elegantly organized tour of the Internet, both fun and informative, a rare combination!”  –  Steve Crocker, invented the Internet RFC’s.

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Internet History, How the Internet was invented
How The Internet Works
How To Use The Internet
Advanced Internet, Expert Internet
Important Key Internet Features
Internet Security
Internet Help
More Internet Information, References, Resources
World Wide Web History, How The Web Was Invented
How The Web Works,
How To Use The Web
Advanced Web Use, Expert Web Use
Why The Web Is Important, Key Web Features
Web Security
Web Help
More Web Information, References, Resources
Email History, How Email Was Invented
How Email Works
How To Use Email
Advanced Email Use, Expert Email Use
Why Email Is Important, Key Email Features
Email Security, Confidentiality, Privacy
Email Help
More Email Information, References, Resources
Usenet Newsgroups History, How The Usenet Newsgroups Were Invented
How Usenet Newsgroups Works
How To Use The Usenet Newsgroups
Advanced Usenet Newsgroups Use, Expert Usenet Newsgroups Use
Why The Usenet Newsgroups Are Important, Key Usenet Newsgroups Features
Usenet Newsgroups Security, Privacy, Confidentiality
Usenet Newsgroups Help
More Usenet Information, References, Resources
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) History, How IRC Was Invented
How IRC Works
How IRC Works, IRC Design
Advanced IRC Use, Expert IRC Use
Why IRC Is Important, Key IRC Features
IRC Security, Privacy, Confidentiality
IRC Help
More IRC Information, References, Resources
Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) History, How MUD's Were Invented
How MUD's Works
How To Use A MUD
Advanced MUD Use, Expert MUD Use
Why MUD's Are Important, Key MUD Features
MUD Security, Confidentiality
MUD Help
More MUD Information and Resources
Mailing List History, How Mailing Lists Were Invented
How Mailing Lists Work
How To Use Mailing Lists
Advanced Mailing List Use, Expert Mailing List Use
Why Mailing Lists Are Important, Key Mailing List Features
Mailing List Security, Privacy, Confidentiality
Mailing List Help
Mailing List More Information, References, Resources

This site provides a comprehensive reference about the Internet. It also includes the most detailed description of the Internet’s history available online, collected in the late 1990’s before it started disappearing from the net.  It is also the first web-published book, going live on January 7, 2000.  Many thanks for the assistance from many of the people that actually helped invent the Internet!